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Color Conversations

Conversations with leaders on the topic of color. Observations of how color continues to integrate into the world of business.


Color is never a simple matter. In fact it has multiple facets from esthetics to psychological to cultural to linguistic and many more.

For our clients color is a strategic matter of leveraging their offering building into it a distinct value for their customers.

Our expertise that marries a unique set of knowledge in the fields of color, business management, research and consultation can address a great variety of color strategy opportunities both for products as well as brands.

Our color consulting and research focus is coupled with active thought leadership in the color field and a variety of executive roles in the color strategy areas. Throughout our individual and combined experiences we have developed not only strong capabilities in color strategy consultation and color research but also a great network of collaborators whose knowledge, creativity, and commitment to the color is often tapped to best customize solutions for our clients.


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