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Conversations with leaders on the topic of color. Observations of how color continues to integrate into the world of business.


We engage in projects that involve:

Color Strategy

Devising a company's color strategy begins with identifying the firm's Color Advantage. We analyze your color resources and competencies, conduct color intelligence analysis of competitors' efforts, assess your color leadership potential as well as current color identity and determine your path to sustain unique and inimitable color advantage. These color strategies are devised to both the company as a whole as well as specific product offerings

Color Education

While most of today's color training is focused on color technology/ management with a strong technical orientation, growing attention is given to broad color education. LH.Color provides programs and seminars to aid in expanding companies' internal capabilities in the areas of color strategy, color positioning, color marketing, and color forecasting. Programs are custom designed to meet clients' needs.

Invited Research

LH.Color partners with clients and interested institutions to conduct invited research on color questions of interest. Some examples include: assessing the effective use of color in work environments and its impact on productivity; determining markets' color profile and cultural preferences; and evaluating Color Sellability(TM) and Color Shopability(TM) using focus groups, consumer surveys and trend/event-analysis.

Color Forecasting

LH Color works each year to produce a 30,000 feet view of emergent color perspectives and directions within multiple environments and industries. LH Color also undertakes specific commissioned studies to develop forecasts that include historical and future views of color in specific companies’ playfields.

Color System Development/Management

We introduce systemic thinking employing advanced technology and in-depth expertise to evaluate and evolve color systems to keep them current with shifting market needs and sustain a leading edge.

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