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Conversations with leaders on the topic of color. Observations of how color continues to integrate into the world of business.

About Us

LH Color, A Center for Color Research and Consulting, was founded by Leslie Harrington and Anat Lechner with the vision to advance the state of knowledge about Color and make it both more scientific and accurate as well as more valuable to customers and professionals that work with Color.

While Color is intricate to most if not all facets of our life, we felt that the existing base of Color knowledge is still fragmented and has a mix of gospels and science to it. Thus we at LH Color decided to commit our efforts to build and enhance research-based actionable knowledge that can serve our clients as well as the Color professional community at large.

As students and activists in the field of Color we invest in mapping and validating existing knowledge as well as researching new fronts. We also engage in developing frameworks and tools geared at helping our clients make knowledgeable and conscious color choices to best impact their goals.


The clients we have worked with include:

Accurate Dispersion
American Express
Chase Manhattan Bank
DPV Group
Eastman Chemical
Johnson and Johnson - PRI
Mount Sinai Hospital
Nielsen Bainbridge
Solomon Smith Barney
Taconic Builders
Teva Pharmaceuticals

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